Ron Paul Raises $6 Million in One Day

Presidential hopeful Ron Paul raised an astounding $6 million and change Sunday, almost certainly guaranteeing he’ll out-raise his rivals for the Republican nomination in the fourth quarter. That marks the largest single-day fundraising haul in U.S. political history, besting John Kerry’s $5.7 million the day after securing the 2004 Democratic nomination.

Paul’s campaign bested its earlier single-day record of $4.2 million from November 5th. It’s a shame that the droves of online supporters Paul has amassed are not getting behind the candidate with the best prospect for positive change.

McCain attacks Paul

In last nights Republican debate, Senator John McCain was asked a question about taxes, then took the opportunity to attack Rep. Ron Paul for his stance on Iraq. He accused Paul of the same sort of appeasement that allowed Hitler to take power and WWII to happen, which was greeted with a mix of boos and cheers. See it for yourself here:

Paul 1, McCain 0.