Mid-week Roundup 12/12

Losing our minds over Illegal Immigration

NAFTA has the power to trump state laws!

The Historical Truth of Our Relations with Iran

Report shows Bush manipulated climate science, suppressed scientists.

Nigeria battles Pfizer in court for conducting an illegal, unauthorized drug trial on Nigerian children.

Bad News for Prescription Drugs: pharmaceutical sales reps may be given licenses.

Murdoch Ready to Makeover the Wall Street Journal

Did you know Venezuela is a Constiutional Democracy?

Taiwan and mainland China: conflicting amnesiacs

New Orleans Homes to be Demolished (with video)

Why Won’t the Candidates talk about Americans’ Economic Pain?

Nuclear Disarmament and Peace on Earth…what’s that?

A Decent Article by Sean Penn calling on Americans to do what’s right

Meet a Millionaire with a Lower Tax Rate than You! (with video)

New Australian Prime Minister

Just a bit of news out of Australia…

Conservative Prime Minister (and Bush-buddy) John Howard was defeated Saturday in the Australian elections. He lost to Labor Party leader Kevin Rudd, who ran a campaign promising to sign the Kyoto Protocol on global warming and withdraw Australia’s combat troops from Iraq.

If you’re curious about their political affiliation, check the compass:

Australian Election 2007

John Howard was running on the Liberal party ticket, and Kevin Rudd was with the Labor party (comparable to Republican vs. Democrat in the US elections).

The coming months will tell whether Prime Minister Rudd chooses to fulfill his campaign promises.

Kevin RuddJohn Howard

Hello Rudd.             Goodbye Howard.