The Democratic Battle Continues

Barack Obama continued his winning streak by winning the ‘Democrats Abroad’ primary by more than a 2 to 1 margin. So he should receive the majority of the 7 pledged delegates (14 half delegates) at stake as well as the four super-delegates. The primary results came in from 164 countries around the globe where American expatriates cast votes between February 5th and February 12th. That increases Obama’s winning streak to 11 straight victories since Super Tuesday.

Obama also gained the endorsement of the ‘Change to Win’ labor federation on Thursday. The group has an estimated 6 million members, including 175,000 in Ohio, 60,000 in Texas, and 25,000 in Rhode Island. Those numbers are a boost to the Obama campaign in the upcoming March 4th contests.

Hillary Clinton is relying on the states of Texas and Ohio to put an end to Obama’s winning streak. In fact, the Washington Post reports:

Wealthy supporters of Hillary Clinton have formed a new independent 527 group to begin buying television ads to help the New York Senator. Under campaign finance rules, 527s can accept unlimited donations from supporters. The newly formed American Leadership Project plans to spend $10 million to purchase ad time in Texas and Ohio.

The two Democratic candidates will square off tonight in CNN debate scheduled for 8pm EST.

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