Republican Electoral Scheme in California Fails

The campaign by California GOP strategists to reallocate the states’ electoral votes by congressional district has failed.  The effort was pushing to propose a ballot measure that would redistribute California’s 55 electoral votes by congressional district, instead of the normal winner-take-all system. If approved, the ballot measure would ensure an estimated twenty extra electoral votes to the GOP nominee.

The campaign failed to turn in the 400,000 signatures by February 4th; they also sited a lack of funding to get the measure on the ballot. “It’s not going to make the ballot this year,” said David Gilliard, a Republican organizer of the campaign. “The money never materialized to put it on the ballot.”

Many Democrats claimed the effort was an attempt to steal the 2008 election for the Republicans.  In fact, Paul Singer (a financial backer of Rudy Giuliani) revealed himself as the source of an anonymous donation, creating questions that the measure could be violating election laws.

So, at least for this election, California’s 55 electoral votes will continue to be awarded to the winner of the states’ popular vote.

2 Responses

  1. i do think this system makes more sense, but it needs to implemented in all states at the same time. besides representing the will of the people better, we wouldn’t have any repeats of a single county recount determining an entire election.

  2. That’s right Smack…every state, not just politically-beneficial ones. Imagine a direct, democratic election with run-off voting so no complaints can be made of third-party spoilers.

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