McCain Wins Florida; Giuliani & Edwards Drop Out


There’s been quite a shift in the presidential field. John McCain won the GOP primary in Florida by the following margin:

  • McCain 36%
  • Romney 31%
  • Giuliani 15%
  • Huckabee 13%
  • Paul 3%
  • Thompson 1%

Rudy Giuliani (and the campaign that never was) has given up his run for the presidency and thrown his support behind John McCain. The Arizona Senator looks to be close to sealing up the nomination, as he is ahead in national polls leading up to Super Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton won the Florida Democratic contest, but the candidates were not supposed to campaign in the state and no delegates will be awarded for the victory. She is the front-runner in national polls, but we’ll have to see what happens on Super Tuesday.

John Edwards has dropped his bid for the presidency, stressing the problems of poverty during his exit speech:

Edwards did not endorse either Obama or Clinton in his departure, though that could change in the near future. He may not make an endorsement and hope to be chosen as a vice-presidential candidate by the party nominee.

The Obama campaign has released their fundraising figures for the month of January, topping the $32 million mark in just one month.  This shows each of these campaigns should be able to compete for months to come, if necessary.

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