Obama Takes South Carolina


This Saturday Barack Obama scored an overwhelming victory in the South Carolina Democratic primary.  The results:

  • Obama 55%
  • Clinton 27%
  • Edwards 18%

Obama received more than 291,000 votes, besting the combined totals of the top two vote-getters in the South Carolina Republican primary; McCain and Huckabee received 147,283 and 132,440 votes for a combined total of 279,723.

Dennis Kucinich has dropped his presidential bid and is shifting focus to his Congressional reelection campaign.

Up next in the primary contest is the state of Florida, where both parties are set to battle on Tuesday the 29th.  Florida is the second state in this primary contest to be stripped of its Democratic delegates, so there will be no delegates awarded in the Democratic contest.  But the Republicans will be fighting to win 57 delegates in the winner-take-all contest.

Mitt Romney and John McCain are in a statistical dead-heat in current Florida polls, while Clinton has a comfortable lead among Democrats.  Rudy Giuliani, who has based his entire campaign strategy on winning Florida, is currently polling nearly ten percentage points behind the front-runners in the contest.

One week after the Florida primary is the big day of the primary season: Super Tuesday, February 5th.  On that day, twenty-two different states from all over the country will cast their votes and we should begin to have a more concrete idea of which two candidates will proceed on to the general election.

2 Responses

  1. any news on the NH recount?

  2. Go Obama! Happy birthday, Jimmy!

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