Romney, Clinton Win Nevada; McCain takes SC

Both parties held their Nevada caucus and the Republican party had its South Carolina primary. The results are listed below.

Nevada Democratic results:

  • Clinton 50.7%
  • Obama 45.2%
  • Edwards 3.8%

Nevada Republican results:

  • Romney 51.1%
  • Paul 13.7%
  • McCain 12.7%
  • Huckabee 8.2%
  • Thompson 7.9%
  • Giuliani 4.3%

South Carolina Republican results:

  • McCain 33.2%
  • Huckabee 29.9%
  • Thompson 15.7%
  • Romney 15.1%
  • Paul 3.7%
  • Giuliani 2.1%

Fred Thompson has since dropped his bid for the presidency.

Though Clinton won the vote in Nevada, Obama actually won one more delegate than Clinton, so the state is being viewed as a split.  Since then, the feud between Clinton and Obama has reached new heights. Although the Obama campaign has received many complaints of voter suppression in Nevada, they have not challenged the results.

In the South Carolina debate following the Nevada caucus, Clinton and Obama exchanged a few heated words as John Edwards stood on the sidelines:

Obama is polling 12 percentage points ahead of Clinton in current South Carolina polls. The SC Democratic primary is set for Saturday the 26th. Meanwhile, the GOP candidates are setting their sites on Florida, whose primary is scheduled for the 29th.

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