Obama, Huckabee Win Iowa Caucus

The Iowa Caucus results are in:


Republican: (percentage of head-count received)

  • Mike Huckabee 34%
  • Mitt Romney 25%
  • Fred Thompson 13%
  • John McCain 13%
  • Ron Paul 10%
  • Rudy Giuliani 3%

Democratic: (percentage of delegates received)

  • Barack Obama 37.6%
  • John Edwards 29.8%
  • Hillary Clinton 29.5%
  • Bill Richardson 2.1%
  • Joe Biden 0.9%

Obviously the big winners are Obama and Huckabee. The results are a devastating blow to the Romney campaign, which spent nearly 17 times as much money as Huckabee did in Iowa. But can Huckabee last over the long haul?

Some may wonder about Rudy Giuliani’s showing (less than 1/3 of Ron Paul’s), as he is supposed to be the national Republican front-runner. The Giuliani campaign is essentially ignoring the smaller early states of Iowa and New Hampshire and relying on the larger, delegate-rich states like Florida, New York, and California to seal his nomination. Time will tell if that strategy pays off.

The close third-place showing for Hillary Clinton is upsetting for her campaign, though she is sure to continue to fight for the long haul. Edwards really needed a win in Iowa to build some momentum, but I have a feeling we might be seeing his name on the ticket if Obama gets the nomination. Joe Biden and Chris Dodd have both pulled out of the race due to their poor showing in Iowa.

The results for second-tier democratic candidates are a bit deceiving, though. In any one of Iowa’s 1781 caucus precinct locations, if a particular candidate did not register at least 15% support among caucus-goers, their supporters were given the option to make a second choice. So Richardson’s 2% shows that he was able to reach the 15% threshold in multiple caucus locations in order to win two percent of the total delegates available.

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