Over the Holidays…

My apologies for the lack of posts the last couple weeks.  It’s been a hectic holiday season of returning home, battling sickness, and seeing friends and family.  I’ll try to post more often.

In case you missed them, here are a couple stories that occurred over the holidays:

  • Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated on December 27th. Riots have erupted across the country as Pakistan’s political future remains unclear. President Pervez Musharraf has blamed Islamic militants for carrying out the assassination, but Bhutto associates have accused Musharraf of having a role, claiming his government did not do enough to provide for her security.
  • Violence has erupted in Kenya after a disputed election that gave Kenyan president Kibaki a second term. Over 300 civilians have been killed by police in what is said to be the worst outbreak of violence in Kenya since 1982.
  • The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) last week voted three-to-two to approve a measure that would increase media consolidation. The new rule lifts a 30-year-old ban on companies seeking to own both a newspaper and television or radio station in the same city.
  • The New Orleans City Council voted unanimously to demolish of 4,500 units of public housing. Under the plan, the city’s four largest public housing developments will be replaced with mixed-income housing. Hundreds of people were turned away from the City Council meeting as police shot protesters with pepper spray and tasers.
  • And of course, the Iowa Caucus happens tonight, January 3rd. Tomorrow, a few choice candidates in the 2008 election will gain some new momentum.

Happy New Year everyone! 2008 is sure going to be an interesting one.

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