McCain attacks Paul

In last nights Republican debate, Senator John McCain was asked a question about taxes, then took the opportunity to attack Rep. Ron Paul for his stance on Iraq. He accused Paul of the same sort of appeasement that allowed Hitler to take power and WWII to happen, which was greeted with a mix of boos and cheers. See it for yourself here:

Paul 1, McCain 0.

2 Responses

  1. McCain’s remarks comparing those in opposition to the war in Iraq to World War II-era Nazi appeasers were obviously in bad taste. However, I find it somewhat hypocritical of the writer of this article to comment on this issue as he himself has made similar comparisons in other postings on this blog as well. For example, in the article entitled “Doublespeak and Political Framing,” the article author translates and editorializes in the following manner:

    • Verschärfte Vernehmung = German for ‘enhanced interrogation’ techniques (for which some were found guilty of war crimes and sentenced to death)..sound familiar?

    Thus, the author implies that the current administration’s policies regarding interrogation and torture are comparable to those utilized in Nazi Germany in World War II. However deplorable the Bush administration’s record is regarding interrogation and torture, it is irresponsible to make comparisons to that of the Nazi’s. Yet, the author of that article does not hesitate to make a similar comparison to that made by McCain in the article above.

    An additional note, the English translation of Verschärfte Vernehmung is, in actuality, “increased examination,” and not “enhanced interrogation.”

  2. Verschärfte Vernehmung can translate to intensified hearing, increased examination, or enhanced interrogation…which all mean about the same thing.

    All I said was that the Nazi’s used similar terminology as our current leaders. I understand that any comparison to the Nazi’s makes that person a loon, but parallels nevertheless remain:

    9/11 and the Reichstag Fire
    The Patriot Act and the Enabling Act (curbing rights and liberties)
    Preventive War (Afghanistan, Iraq and Czech, Poland)
    Lies, Propaganda, Protester Threats, Domestic Spying, Homeland Security, attacking dissenters as unpatriotic…

    I won’t even talk about GW’s grandfather Prescott who built up the Bush-family fortune by trading with the Nazi’s.

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